Welcome to ATELIER

An Atelier is a place where beautiful handcraft is brought to life. A place where one can put all one's love in creating unique masterpieces. A place that offers the perfect mix between coziness and room for passionate handwork. That's why our hairdresser salon is called ATELIER.

Welcome to ATELIER,
where not only the salon, but also each client is unique.

Adelina Schmid & Sandra Dugone

We consider each client like a jewel and tailor our work to the individuality of each one. Because we are all unique and we develop our identity our own way. From the trendier hair colours to the most standard haircuts, we put our know-how at the service of your wishes. With a personal advice that takes into account the shape of your face and the colour of your skin, we can provide you with the treatment that suits you the most and that will perfect your appearance.

Whether man, woman, child or teenager – everyone is welcome to our salon. Our mission is to reveal the natural beauty and uncover the best of each individual thanks to the most appropriate haircut and the most suitable hair colour.

We are two generations with the same, unique passion.

Together, our team accumulates 44 years of professional experience and can therefore make all your – hair - dreams come true. Thanks to the top-class product lines of Sassoon Professional, Sebastian Professional or Paul Mitchell, we can also show you how to maintain easily, at home, the hairstyle that you left the salon with.

Come and have a seat in the cosy atmosphere of our atelier while we put our handcraft at the service of your look. Let your body and mind relax while our expert hands look after enhancing them even more.

Come around and let us look after you.

Atelier - the history

The History


Adelina Schmid opens her own hairdresser salon in Niederuster. For almost 20 years, the Adelinas Haar Atelier (AHA) was to be found on Seestrasse 86.

1st October 1998

1st September 2014


Sandra Dugone, the daughter of Adelina, takes the position of education trainer for the famous company Wella. Responsible for the "prestige" brands SEBASTIAN and SASSOON, she provides courses to hairdresser and organizes shows in the whole Switzerland.


The idea of creating a common hairdresser salon has grown and will be followed by many appointments, discussions and visits. An exciting time begins for mother and daughter...

19th May 2017

10st February 2018


Adelina and Sandra combine their experiences and develop the concept of ATELIER further. From 2018, the former AHA becomes ATELIER and moves to the former post office of Niederuster.


From now on we also lead apprentices on the route towards the EFZ exam. Throughout their education, they will receive professional training combining theory and practice.

13st August 2018

1st March 2019


The team grows as the first employee joins the team ATELIER. Our focus remains on providing high quality services and advice.